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USC's President

President’s word

It is a great pleasure to share celebration of establishment of the University of Sadat City (USC) as a science enlightment and national and local key pillars of scholarship in our beloved distsict.

       Since the university of Sadat city was founded, in March 2013 , our slogan is “ The University is the community server “ .  The implementation of this slogan is to provide the highest possible quality in all academic programs, and to promote the life style of our community and businesses by meeting people’s needs with the academic knowledge and experience . In that respect, I would like to direct the attention of my fellow staff to adopt and manifest wisdom and intellectual discipline to serve people in our distract, and on both national and international scales.

    Also, I stress on reassessing our objectives and programs continually in order to adequate the new trends in knowledge, and economic and social conditions,  in addition to seek more efficient and imaginative means of fulfilling the university goals .

     I would like to take the occasion of the beginning of our First academic year to thank and congratulate all those worked so diligently to help in emerging and establishing of the university in a collaborative effort.

     Last but not least I quote from the glorious Kor'an the  meaning ( In the name of Allah, the compassionate,theMerciful, Say, (Do as you will  and Allah and his Messenger and the believers will see your deeds)

Prof. Dr . Ahmed Bayomi