USC's President

President’s word

" It’s a great pleasure to be President of the University, firstly, I would like to thank the presidency leadership and Prof. Dr. the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for their valuable trust in leading the University of Sadat City.

I pray to Almighty Allah to help me in this mission, and make me a reason in rising the rank of the University, thanks to all USC’s Staff and assistants, Employees, my dearest students and all workers inside the campus of the University.

The University of Sadat City, with its human and material ingredients, and the usual support of our country will help to achieve our mission and occupy its role in serving the nation and the region, and to be the University of Hope and Future.

I invite all to work hard and stand together to improve the name of the University and develop educational process to provide the highest possible quality in all academic programs and scientific research, and contribute to the development of the community and surrounding area." 

Prof. Dr . Ahmed Bayomi
President of the University of Sadat City