USC's President

Competencies of the organs

Director of President office

  • Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Director of President Office is responsible for organizing work of president’s office, arranging presidential meetings, welcoming guests of the president and managing president appointments.
      • Coordinating calls, letters and emails under president’s signature, keeping confidentiality of the office information, preserving original documents of the office and monitoring the implementations of agreements that USC has with other institutions.
      • Studying and dealing with all topics received and issued by the office and follow up it.
      • Preparing researches and studies assigned by the president.
      • Coordinate with the University General Secretary office for adopting the proposals assigned by the president and follow up the implementation.
      • Follow up recommendations and topics issued by the University Association Minutes, or Conferences "Arabian, African or International”, as well as, receiving all data to present it to the president for taking necessary procedures.
      • Coordinate with cultural relation and financial affairs departments to follow up the Payment of assessed contributions of International Association of Universities (IAU).
      • Coordinate with cultural relation to follow up the nominations of the University to attend conferences and symposiums.
      • Assists the President in oversight functions by reviewing, monitoring, and approving University personnel action forms and reviewing correspondence and documents prepared by other offices for the president’s signature.
      • Review decisions made by the University various units before being approved by the President, to ensure that they conform to the applicable laws, regulations and rules.
      • Display performance indicators of public services and provide proposals to improve and develop these services
      • Ensure that the necessary services provided to requestors and satisfy their needs, through preparing regular reports.
      • Translate all needed data belongs to the president office.

Follow-up Department

  • Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Prepare the necessary records for receiving subjects and follow up it.
      • Monitor the performance of daily works provided by the president office to the university different units, make sure of its implementation and present the results to the University President.
      • Prepare periodic reports with follow up results to be submitted to the head director and notify the concerned parties with the results.
      • Provide recommendations and suggestions that contribute in developing and improving the performance.
      • Receive and register recommendations and topics issued by the University Association Minutes and follow up them with the concerned parties.
      • Follow up the implementation of decisions issued by the President of the University.
      • Follow up the implementation of decisions of Councils and Committees Minutes.
      • Carrying out the necessary communications to make sure of the completion of the work referred to the different units of the university.

إدارة تطوير وتقويم الأداء لضمان الجودة The Department of Evaluation and Improvement of Performance for Quality Assurance

Technical Office

  • Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Prepare qualitative records clarified the results of technical study of received subjects and prepare its’ periodic reports to be provided to the direct manager.
      • Receive subjects presented to the office and coordinate with concerned buddies to express the technical opinion before being forwarded to the direct manager.
      • Review the decrees presented by the University different unites and departments to insure its validation and compliance with applicable laws, regulations and rules before being adopted by the University President.
      • Receive all USC’s council minutes presented to the University President Office to insure its validation and compliance with applicable laws, regulations and rules.
      • Prepare the appropriate proposals and recommendations in the light of technical review of what is received in coordination with the concerned buddies’ issuance of bulletins and periodicals.