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Prof. Dr. Ahmed Azab the new a CEO of the University PMU


The University President Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi issued a decree to appointment Prof. Dr. Ahmed Azab – Professor at Faculty of Physical Education – to be as the new CEO of the University Projects Management Unit.

Dr. Bayoumi pointed out that the decree of appointment is coming within a new stage of development and enhancement of the University projects, as well as he praised the performance of Prof. Dr. Adel Hegazy – Former CEO of the University PMU – during his period of management, since 2015 till 2017.

In the same context, Dr. Bayoumi expressed his thanks to Dr. Hegazy and Prof. Dr. Hesham El-Sabbagh – the former CIO of the University ICTP for his significant effort since his appointment, while, Dr. Azab thanked the University President for his precious confidence, noting that he will do his best to accomplish the tasks entrusted to him.

In other hand, Dr. Ahmed Azab congratulates Prof. Dr. Rateb Abbas – Asst Professor at the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research – for his appointment as the new CIO of the University ICTP as of 10 Jul 2017 till 30 Jun 2018, also, Dr. Azab sent special thanks to Prof. Dr. Adel Hegazy for his efforts and achievements during his management.



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