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The Faculty and Leadership Development Center headed by Prof. Dr. Alaa El-Din Hemida – Director of the Center – continues its session entitled “E-learning”.

The session started on Sat 05, March 2017 and will be lasted for two days and targeted 16 trainees (7 Assistant Professors, 4 Lecturer, 5 Assistant Lecturers and 5 Demonstrators).

The 2nd day lectured by Dr. Akram Ahmed Salama – Lecturer at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and a certified trainer in The International Board of Certified Trainers IBCT.

This program aims to provide the participants knowledge, skills and the positive trends related to E-learning, the course focuses on several topics including:

- To know what is E-learning.

- Determines the Types of E-learning.

- Explains the importance of E-learning for communities and Faculty Staff.

- E-learning strategies and its constraints and requirements.

- Describes the steps to set up an E-learning curriculum.

- Types of E-learning curriculum.

- Contributes to prepare an E-learning curriculum.

- Explains proficiency necessary to prepare the E-learning curriculum.

- Choose the best management systems to prepare the E-learning curriculum.

- Shows a positive trend towards designing and managing an E-learning curriculum.

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