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A training course about infection for the University of Sadat City staff


The medical department in cooperation with the General Administration of Organization and Administration held a training course about infection on Saturday, 8 July for four days until 12 July 2017.

The course will be lectured by Dr. / Mervart Kabil – the director of the medical department and an ENT consultant – Prof. Dr. / Atef Abo El-Soud – a Professor and Head of Liver Diseases Department, Menoufia University – Dr. / Samir Bada – the Director of Infection Control, Ministry of Health - Prof. Dr. / Manal Bakr – a Professor of Infection Control at the Faculty of Nursing.

The course aims at training the staff on infection control and general ways and special procedures to combat them in the medical facility; laboratories and kitchens.

As well as the identification of various infectious diseases such as hepatitis, meningitis, tuberculosis, AIDS and methods of prevention and control.

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