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FLDC| The 2nd lecture of Reference Management System


The Faculty and Leadership Development Center headed by Prof. Dr. Alaa El-Din Hemida – Director of the Center – continued its session entitled “Reference Management System”

The session targeted 20 trainees (5 Assistant Professors, 6 Lecturer and 8 Asst. Lecturer 2 Demonstrator).

The 2nd  day of the session lectured by Dr. Akram Ahmed Salama – Lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and a certified trainer in The International Board of Certified Trainers IBCT.

This training session will discuss several main topics as;

-  The concept of the scientific reference.

-  Knowing the different forms of scientific references.

-  Identify the digital sources as scientific references.

 - Define the different types of classification and writing a references.

-  Identify the available software to classify scientific references and supporting drivers.

-  The use of specialized software for the purpose of classifying scientific references.

 - to show a positive trend towards the importance of writing and classifying a scientific references.


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