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Extending the time to apply for the development of bio-products projects


Prof. Dr. / Rifai Ibrahim Rifai – The Vice President for Post-Graduate Studies and Research – announced that in the framework of the national strategy for biotechnology and genetic engineering programs which are being implemented at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research through the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, the door is opened for researchers from Egyptian universities, institutes and research centers until 30 March 2017 instead of 15 March 2017 to give the researchers the chance to provide their proposals.


And that in one of the following priority fields: -

- The development of vital human cosmetics and veterinary systems marketed in order to improve therapeutic outcomes.

- The development of formulations of pharmaceutical integrated with constitutionality effective biomaterials to improve the therapeutic results.

- The improvement of additional therapeutic effects of registered biomedical cosmetics to expand the therapeutic prospects.

- The transfer and localization of technologies for the production of bio-pharmaceuticals.

- The use of biotechnology to produce high quality animal feed additives.

- The production of enzymes used in molecular biology and industrial applications as well as the use of biotechnology applications.

- The production of immunological and molecular diagnostic materials for human or veterinary diseases.

- The development of bio-products for the diagnosis of plant diseases.

- The production of active ingredients from plant sources using biotechnology.


For the conditions and models to apply from the headquarters of scientific and technological cooperation center

: 101 Kasr Al Ainy Street - Cairo the 12th floor or through the website of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology: WWW.asrt.sci.eg


To apply you should deliver six copies of the proposals from the start on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 and until 3 pm on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 to the headquarters of program management or through the following e-mail: geb@asrt.sci.eg or GEB_ASRT@yahoo.com


For queries, scientific and technological cooperation center

Tel: 27921324 to 27921315 / Fax: 27921325



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