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The faculty members’ club announced about organizing Umrah trips


The faculty members club headed by Prof. Dr. / Rifai Ibrahim Rifai – The Vice President for Post-Graduate Studies and Research - announced about organizing Umrah trips during Rajab and Sha'ban and it will be continued during the Ramadan, and that of the club members, noting that the deadline for submission is Wednesday 22 March 2017.

(The travel for the registered will be at a 5 Stars Hotel (A) or 5 Stars Hotel (B) on two groups in 6 and 20 April 2017, while the registered for the distinguished will travel on 3 groups in 4 and 18 April and 2 May 2017.

For registration contact: -

• Mr. / Osama Abo El-Hadid

• Mr. / Hafez Zayed Tel: 01060961764

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