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Opening the 4th Annual Scouts Festival for USC’s scouts


On Sunday 12, Mar 2017, The University Acting President Prof. Dr. Essam Metwaly opened the event of the 4th Annual Scouts Festival for USC’s scouts that will be last for 08-14 Mar 2017.

The Festival attended by Deans and Vice Deans of the Faculties, Mr. Radwan El-Qerm – General Secretary of the University, General Directors and Managers, as well as USC’s Staff.

The Festival was opened with a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by shows presented by USC’s Scouts, then the leader of scouts delivered the Egyptian flag to Prof. Dr. Essam Metwaly, in order to be forwarded to the leader of the camp to start the festival activities.

The festival covers several activities such as; Cultural, Arts, Athletic, Scouting and Public services.

The jury of the festival includes Cap. Adel Zaher – as a consultant, Cap. Fawzy Ibrahim Zahran – as a member, Cap. Ramadan Ibrahim Darwish – as amember, Cap. Zeinb Mohamed El-Sokry – as a member.

 While, the opening of festival activities led by Stu. Mohamed El-Bahnasawi – Faculty of Commerce, and assisted by Stu. Mohamed Shaker – Faculty of Law, Stu. Mohamed Farmawy – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

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