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The certified rules that improve the order of the university at the global ranking WEBOMETRICS


From the keenness of the university to improve its ranking in the global rankings WEBOMETRICS, Prof. Dr.  / Rifai Ibrahim Rifai – The Vice President for Post-Graduate Studies and Research – announced the University Council on its 6th meeting on February 28th 2017 has adopted many rules that help to develop the university and the most important of these controls:

Activating the university website and sites of faculties and institutes on the Internet and provide administrative services for students, faculty and administrative staff.

The faculty members and ancillary staff members to activate and update their research on the previous sites while providing a quarterly report that explains it and link it to the quality incentive of the teaching staff and ancillary staff members.

Reviewing the university graduates data to create a database of all graduates of the University of Sadat City.

The post-graduate students should register the titles and plans of their message after the approval of the Faculty / Institute Council before the adoption of the university, as well as the publishing of the post-graduate students research which provided by the regulations of faculties and institutes before giving them the university grade.


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