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The University Council adopted some special rules about the faculty members and ancillary staff travelling abroad


From the keenness of the university to maximize the benefit from attending conferences, seminars and workshops, and maximizing the use of the faculty members and ancillary staff travelling abroad to raise the classification of the university, Prof. Dr. / Rifai Ibrahim Rifai – The Vice President for Post-Graduate Studies and Research – announced that the University Council at its meeting No. 6 on 28 February 2017, adopted many rules that will help the university progress and the most important of these rules: -

• The faculty member before traveling abroad should provide a report showing his work to raise the rating of the university and will be accepted by the department and the faculty / institute.

• To feed us with publishing his research after returning from travel.

• The member will not travel until feeding us with updating and adding all of his researches.

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