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The FLDC organizes a training course on applying for accreditation requirements


The FLDC announces about organizing a training course on Sunday, March 12, 2017 entitled "applying for accreditation requirements," and the course will be for two days starting from the day by 15 hours each day, the session targets training of 15 trainees and are as follows:

4  Assistant Professor, 8 lecturers, 1 assistant teacher, and 2 Teaching Assistants

The session will be lectured today by Dr. / Nashwa Mohammed Saeed Suleiman – The Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at the University, and a participant coach certified by the International Body of Certified Trainers IBCT.

 This program aims to provide the participants the knowledge, the skills and the positive trends related to the requirements of the applying for of accreditation. the course focuses on several key topics including:

- The concept of ensuring the quality of education.

- What is accreditation.

- The principles of the process of ensuring the quality of education and accreditation.

- The institution qualities to apply for accreditation.

- The most important basic concepts and terms.

- The fundamental values ​​of the accreditation standards.

- The basic axes of the Evaluation and Accreditation.

- Evaluation and accreditation criteria and indicators.

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