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USC| Allocate 600 Blankets at Adnan Madani and Afona Villages at Wadi El-Natrun


The Acting President of the University of Sadat City Prof. Dr. Essam Metwaly, allocated 600 blankets as a first batch of the journey of Kindness and Development

While, the General Administration for Community Services and Environmental Development in addition to the Department of Public Relations and Media, the General Administration for Students Welfare participated in the convoy that aims to alleviate the suffering of the people.

Metwaly insists to participate in distributing the blankets himself, as the convoy allocated 300 Blankets at Adnan Madani village of Sadat City and 300 Blankets at Afona Villages at Wadi El-Natrun, while the journey includes 2000 blankets to be distributed.




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