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A Great Unprecedented Achievement for the President of Sadat City University


Continuing of the achievements process of Prof. Dr. Essam El-din Metwaly - President of Sadat City University- and at the first time among the Egyptian universities, the university president successfully negotiated to allocate a 100 acre as an additional space for farming purposes to the allocated one of the university.

According to an official newspaper, the targeted project is the first of its kind in collaboration with a Japanese University.

While Prof. Dr. Adel Hegazi - University Projects Manager - Crops Expert of energy plants - and also the agreement representative of the University of Sadat City and the consultant of Japanese Osaka University, said that Metwaly has an effective role supporting the common collaboration agreements between  Sadat City University and The University of Osaka, from the moment he was a vice-president of the university, assuring that this achievement will be a main step in the university’s development process, especially in the international cooperation level.


In a brief word, the University President pointed out the importance of developing the university in all scientific and practical fields, and advancing it by developing its resources projects and maximize its role on both the international and the regional levels.

In spite of many circumstances, there are a team of the best professors and experts in that field with a development plan and a measured futuristic look that lead to success as a procession.

It is worth pointed out the university role in spreading jojoba’s sorts farming through the international and the regional levels.

While the university held a lot of seminars and issued recommendations as supporting agricultural investors, and as it’s expected the number of arrivals for studying advanced futuristic sciences will increase especially at Nanotechnology and Biotechnology fields, that will give the university a leading role in that field.

While the university have been invited to head meetings and presenting lecturers at the opening sessions of international, internal, and global conferences.

It also shared chapters in a global books of global publishers, and has a common international searches published in conferences, and global high effective journals of which a three authorized searches published in Nature journal, and preparing Feasibility surveys for the Japanese Government of the first energy crops type of the world.

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