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USC’s President praise the joint project between USC and Osaka Univ


The Acting President of University of Sadat City Prof. Dr. Essam Metwaly eulogized the joint project between USC and Osaka University, and Saraya. Co. Ltd the worldwide company for planting Jojopa Plant. While the project includes; a plan to plant 100 acres of Jojopa at the University farm.


Dr. Metwaly declared that, the University will strongly support all the necessary requirements for the project, which will be fully funded by the Japanese side, the project will be a strong addition to the Egyptian economy in general and the rate of development in Sadat City in particular.


Jojoba is grown for the liquid wax, commonly called jojoba oil, in its seeds. This oil is rare in that it is an extremely long (C36–C46) straight-chain wax ester and not a triglyceride, making jojoba and its derivative jojoba esters more similar to human sebum and whale oil than to traditional vegetable oils.

Jojoba oil is interesting for the industry because it is odorless and it has a viscosity which is temperature-independent. Applications vary from engine lubricating oil to cooking oil. Jojoba wax is used predominantly for pharmaceutical compounds, specially for skin products. After polymerization, factice can be used for rubber production.

Its use as biodiesel fuel is becoming more and more important. Jojoba oil consists of long straight monoesters of 22 to 44 carbon atoms (as opposed to most vegetable oils which consist of triglycerides), which makes it comparable to diesel in terms of energy density. The pretreatment of jojoba oil for the use of biofuel is simpler compared to that of other mineral and bio-oils and it is expected that combustion of jojoba oil leads to smaller NOx-emissions compared to diesel and does not lead to any SOx emissions.


Moreover, Prof. Dr. Adel Higazy – Director of USC’s projects said that; The Japanese side will begin in the coming period to implement the project after receiving the University for the Land directly from the Sadat City Development Authority.

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