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New free medical Convoy at Sadat City Nursing Home


The general administration for community services and environmental development organized a free medical Convoy on 06 Jan 2019 at “Nursing Home Care”, under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi – USC’s President and Prof. Dr. Hamdy Emara – Vice President of the University for community services and environmental development affairs, in cooperation with the Medical Administration in several specialists (Gastroenterology – Orthopedics – Cardiothoracic).

The convoy held under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Hamdy Emara – Vice President for Community Services and Environmental Development and headed by Dr. Mervat Kabiel – Director of the Medical Administration, and Mrs. Nahed Barsiem – Director of Environmental development management.

The visit comes within the interests of the university to prepare medical convoys and play an effective role to serve the surrounding community. Moreover, our doctors held medical examinations and all procedures for free, as well as, give the patients all needed medicines for free too.


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