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Al-Musawar Magazine published a release report with USC’s President on the Occasion of the Birthday Anniversary of Anwar El-Sadat


    Al-Musawar Magazine an Egyptian weekly current events magazine, its headquarters is in Cairo, published a full report about the University of Sadat City that bears the name of the late president Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, in its release on 19 Dec 2018 within the occasion of his birth day anniversary.

The University President Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi talk about the late president Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat from the beginning; his early years, revolutionary activities, struggle throughout his life, the Nobel Prize and the decision to establish Sadat City and founded a university bearing his name.

Dr. Bayoumi added; the University of Sadat City has celebrated the former president and he visited his house, met with Mrs. Jehan El-Sadat and delivered the Shield of the University to Anwar Sadat's wife.

Then, Dr. Bayoumi started to talk about the University of Sadat City as a brunch of Menofia University till its independence, to be one of the start-up Universities which compete among the largest universities in Egypt, as well as, talked about the new Campus of the University which is located on an area of 500 acres to become an integrated scientific and research university cope with the latest model.

 To preview the press release in the magazine click here

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