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USC's President participates in 100 million healthy lives campaign


   In the framework of the comprehensive medical initiative "100 million healthy lives" under the directive of the Egyptian President Abdelfattah El-Sisi, which aims to eradicate hepatitis C across the nation as part of the administration’s strategic 2020 plan. The University of Sadat City participated in the inauguration of 100 million healthy lives campaign, the USC's President Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi, General Major. Saeed Abbas – Menofia Governorate, Prof. Dr. Adel Mubarak – President of Menofia University and prestigious figures of the governorate attended this event that organized by Menofia Governorate under the patronage of Dr. Hala Zayed – the Minister of Health.

Dr. Bayoumi assured that, the University of Sadat City adopted previously this approach throughout its' comping "A University free of C Virus", by conducting a survey for many students and making the necessary analysis and providing free treatment for infected cases. The University also carried out all of these procedures for Postgraduate students and it is the first time to be happened inside a university in Egypt, and so on, the University launched several convoys around the governorate and provided free treatment for infected cases.

Bayoumi added; the university found that the most infected cases are in the villages, and if we carried out examinations for young people, they would get the University in a safe, so, the University is looking at preparing medical convoys at schools in cooperation with the Governorate in order to clear out the governorate of the C Virus and announces that the governorate is free of C virus. In addition, Bayoumi said; the University will stand with the governorate and make no effort to contribute in providing of all relevant educational, medical and therapeutic services.


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