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The director of the FLDC announced about organizing a new training course


The FLDC director Prof. Dr. / Alaa El-Din Hemeda announced about organizing a new training course "Financial and Legal Aspects of Universities".

 Which will be held on Monday, September 23-24, 2018, a 15-hours per day course.

 It’s targeting training 18 trainee

The session today will be lectured by Dr. / Mohamed Moussa who is a lecturer at the Faculty of Commerce, at the USC and an accredited international trainer from the International Body of Certified Trainers (IBCT)

The objective of this program is to provide participants with the basic knowledge, skills and positive attitudes required for familiarity with the financial, economic and legal disciplines of universities.

 By the end of the program, the trainee will be able to:

Discusses the basics of budget preparation at the university.

 Determines methods and types of control over financial aspects.

Defines the legal controls in the disciplinary system and the university councils.

Deals with different legal positions in universities.

 Shows a positive trend towards respecting the laws of the university and the importance of control over the financial aspects and abide by its rules and regulations.









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