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USC’s Delegation headed by Prof. Dr. Bayoumi visited the headquarter of Menofia Governorate


    In light of the University's belief in its avant-garde role in the region to which it belongs and the need to communicate with the executive leadership and to fulfill its mission as a source of enlightenment for society, the President of the University of Sadat City Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi visited Major. Saeed Abbas – the New Governor of Menofia Governorate and send congratulations to his sovereignty for his new responsibility in the province. The University delegation headed by the President and his Vice Presidents; Prof. Dr. Hamdy Emara – Vice President of the University for Community Services and Environmental Developments Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hany Yousef – Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, the Counsellor. Ahmed Shawky - the Legal Counsel of the University and Mr. Abdelsalam Bahbah – the Public Relations Manager.

    While, USC’s President previewed the role of the University of Sadat City in the servicing the community of Sadat City and Menofia Governorate, as well as, the educational and scientific research services provided by the University and the possibilities of cooperation between the University and the Governorate, and the Governor expressed his appreciation for the role of the University in serving students and society, as the Menofia Governorate considered the only Governorate have two Universities that reflecting the great interest in educational system in this province and agreed on the continuous communication and cooperation between them.

    Within the framework of cooperation between the University and the Police Organization, USC’ Delegation visited Major. Samir Abo Zamel - Security Manager of Menofia Governorate as they discussed about the preparation of the beginning of the new academic year and ensure the educational process and the vital role played by the university in the enlightenment and education and the role of the security organization in securing the University's performance of its mission.


At the end of the day, Mr. President and the delegation pays a courtesy visit to Prof. Dr. Alaa Abd Elhameed Marzouk – Qalyubia Governor for his new position, while Dr. Bayoumi expressed his appreciation to the governor and the people of Qalioubia province, and the university's readiness to cooperate in the service of the society and the performance of its mission, reflecting the cooperation between the various organs of the state.

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