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The Visit of USC’s President to Al Fayoum Univ for follow up the Lumpy Skin Disease control of livestock


On Sunday 08, Jul 2018, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Byoumi – President of the University of Sadat City – has visited Fayoum University within a collaboration between the two Universities and forming a joint veterinary medical convoy in association with the Administration Control Authority (ACA) in Al Fayoum Governorate, in order to control on the diseases of lumby skin of Livestock.

While Dr. Metwaly was received by Prof. Dr. Khaled Hamza the President of Fayoum University and leaderships of the University.

Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is an economically important disease of cattle and can produce a chronic debility in infected cattle comparable to that caused by foot-and-mouth disease (FMD). Mortality rates as high as 40 percent or more have been encountered but they are usually lower. Severe and permanent damage to hides results from the skin lesions. Lesions in the mouth, pharynx and respiratory tract commonly occur, resulting in a rapid deterioration in condition and sometimes severe emaciation, which can persist for months. Serious economic losses can follow outbreaks that have a high morbidity.

Moreover, Dr. Metwaly has visited the affected villages and accompanied by a medical delegation from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Sadat City to conduct diagnosis and treatment for free and continue the convoy until the end of the week to eliminate the Lumpy Skin Disease in order to preserve the livestock in the province.

USC’s President insures that Fayoum University occupies a prestigious position among the various Egyptian universities, over time, it has proved to be a beacon of science to serve both the local community.

He added; the importance of cooperation between the two Universities comes especially after an outbreak of LSD in livestock disease control, initiative on a comprehensive survey of livestock through and treatment and prevention, saying that; University of Sadat City not flinch in immediate response and provision of all human potential and therapeutic to eradicate this disease to optimize ASAP.


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