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Exam papers’ electronic correction system as of next academic year


The University of Sadat City Council headed by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi – USC’s President - approved on activating the Exam papers’ electronic correction system as of the next academic year 2018/2019. Each Faculty will set its plans to activate this system and provide its’ Faculty Staff with all necessary training to process the program.

Bayoumi said; The exam papers’ electronic correction system will ensure parity and fairness between all students, that achieve accurate results, and he added; this system contributes to finish results of examinations in a unique time compared to the correction system that currently used.

On his side, Prof. Dr. Hany Yousef – the vice president of the University for education and students affairs - the system will keep up the level of required justice between students as it carries out the correction electronically and will reduce the grievances.

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