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USC participates in First Kuwait Educational Forum


The University of Sadat City represented by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi – the University President, Prof. Dr. Shaden Muawia – Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs and some of Deans and Academic Staff were participated in the First Kuwait Educational Forum in its first session that started on Monday for 3 days in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Kuwait University and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training under the slogan “Learning is a Lifelong Journey” in participation of 08 Egyptian Universities.

The Forum will discuss all aspects of Kuwait’s educational services including achievements and challenges. It will highlight the efforts, carried out by concerned parties, to develop their technologies, services, and human resources in order to cope with change. Curricula and programs will be highlighted too. The accompanying exhibition will be a perfect venue to exhibit the new teaching aids facilitated by today’s technologies such as the Internet, visual aids, 3D printing, virtual reality solutions, and artificial intelligence. The Forum will highlight how the learning process is no longer confined to the boundaries of the family and school, or the college at a later stage. It became a lifelong process driven by modern technologies.

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