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USC’s 5th Anniversary | Exhibitions, sports and arts shows and field visits in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education


Within two-days of celebration 15 and 16 Apr 2018, the University of Sadat City celebrated on its annual anniversary, but, this time is special and unique celebration. At first, USC’s Students organized a huge march rallies through the streets of Sadat City, when they reached the end of the march at the University Headquarter, the president and Vice presidents received them and inaugurated the 5th Scouts Camp, then inaugurated the Book Fair that organized by the University in participation of Al Ahram, Akhbar El-Yom, Rosael Youssef, Al-Gomhuria, General Egyptian Book Organization and Dar El Kotob as an cultural event, not only at the University but, at the level of Sadat City.

After that, the University President and Vice Presidents, Deans and Vice Deans of the Faculties and Institutes, Faculty Staff Members and Students went to the Faculty of Physical Education to see sports and arts shows, the show dazzles all attendance due to the quality of performance and its excellent presentation provided by Faculty of Education students, while the attendance parricide the show with warm greetings and claps.

On 16 Apr, the Minister of Higher Education Prof. Dr. Khaled Abd El Ghaffar visited the University for the first time with some of Egyptian Universities Presidents in order to inspects the new buildings at the new Campus of the University, and emphases on the important of quick completion of construction for the benefit of the educational process at the university. Then visited the Faculty of Physical Education to see the shows that dazzled his sovereignty and the attendance.

At the End of the Day, our valued guests headed by the Minister went to the University Celebration Hall in order to honor the distinguished academic staff members and administrative staff.


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