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The USC condemns the terrorist attack on Al-Rawdah mosque in El-Arish and mourns the martyrs of our country


The University of Sadat City, headed by Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Bayoumi – the university president - condemns the brutal terrorist attack that took place today at Al-Rawda mosque in El-Arish, which resulted the death of about 235 people and 109 injured.

The university President, the Vice Presidents, the Deans, the faculty members, the employees and the students mourns the martyrs of the country, asking God to grant patience to their families.

Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Bayoumi - the University President - stressed that such despicable terrorist incidents have multiplied faith in the Egyptian ability to root out terrorism and that these acts of terrorism will never undermine the safety and security of Egyptians. Pointing to the solidarity of the University of Sadat City and its support to all the state institutions in their efforts to eliminate terrorism.

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