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Education and Students Affairs Sector


Tasks Open Education Center

The open learning Centre center consider as service center and it provides basic services for helping the scientific departments and Faculties, which donors for this Certificates, and it also consider as an administrative center and logistics services of the university and Faculties, so the center is doing the follow: -

  1. Announcing the starts of Open-Learning programs and receiving the enrollment application and carry out the registration procedures in coordination with the Faculties that have the software applications of open learning.
  2. Provide all educational means and facilities for students.
  3. Preparing for the exams, whether distributing students to committees or supervisors for those committees.
  4. Coordination with the university and faculties in relation to all ther required logistics busiess to facilitate the educational, administrative and financial process.
  5. Provide all services, for all students and record selection curriculum’s.
  6. Download scientific articles on the location of the center so that learners use in scientific educational material.
  7. Print books for Faculties, which joint in in the open Learning programs.
  8. Respond all students’ requirements in all fields