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Education and Students Affairs Sector


General objectives of the open learning Centre


  • The center aims to implement the open learning in order to cope with the latest applied locally and internationally regulations and that programs approved by the Supreme Council of Universities.
  • Share with the University Council and the Supreme Council of Universities in Developing and updating information and skills of learners.
  • Provide a significant opportunities for open learning sectors in front of society sectors who want to improve their scientific, cultural and social skills in their job.
  • Provide an opportunity for those who did not have a chance for regular university education of those who achieved a high school or what’s equivalent or Al-Azhar secondary or technical secondary school certificate to get a college degree.
  • Spread the idea of open learning and shed light on the various disciplines associated with the labor market.
  • This program serves the large sectors of the beneficiaries in the various economic, industrial, commercial and service sectors where help to rehabilitate employment performance for those sectors and raise their scientific level.