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Academic Calender

The calendar for the academic year 2015/2016:

First Semester

The beginning of new academic year



The period of study is 12 week

Med-term exams



The end of first semester

 Thursday 25/12/2015

 First Semester exams


Saturday  26/12/2015


Thursday 22/1/2015


Period of exams is 3 weeks


The half year holiday starts from  24/1/2016 till Thrusday 5/2/2016


The Socend Semester


The begining of the 2nd semester


Saturday 7/2/2016


The period of study is 15 week

Med-term exams


Saturday  28/3/2016


The end of second semester

Thursday 22/5/2016


Human Rights exam


Tuesday 19/5/2016


For all Faculties

Second Semester exams

Saturday  23/5/2016


Tuesday 16/6/2016



Period of exams is 3 weeks