Education and Students Affairs Sector

Vice president word

Vice president word

My sons... students of the university

It is my pleasure to welcome you to your university campus, and I am pleased to congratulate you and the members of the teaching staff and assistants and all university employees on the start of the new academic year 2014/2015.

And I assure to you of my belief that youth are the backbone of the nation and the baptism of its renaissance and the basis of its development, and you “my students” had the biggest burden to achieve a bright future for our country.

And the university keens on providing ways of social, sports and art care to provide a suitable atmosphere for the development of your talents and abilities to achieve optimum utilization of your energies and direct them to the right guidance and invest them in order to provide a distinguished graduate able to serve our country in various fields of work.

The university is making its utmost efforts to provide continuous support for faculties and institutes to enable them to develop education and scientific research in high quality standard. All good wishes for you to success for the good of the university and our country.

God guides you on the path of goodness and save our precious Egypt.

Peace and God's mercy and blessings.


The vice president of education and students affairs

Prof. Dr. / Essam El-Din Metwaly