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Menoufia University hosts Ahmed Al-Meslimani in an open meeting with Egyptian universities students


Menoufia University on Sunday will host Ahmed Al-Meslimani in an open meeting with Menoufia University students and the participating delegations in the 11th Universities Youth Week, organized by Menoufia University this year.

The participating universities will participate in the activities of the Universities Youth Week in the preparation of the scientific-technology Exhibition, which presents the best innovations, scientific inventions and designs for the students of the faculties of Engineering, Science, Medicine, Fine Arts, Computers and Information, Home Economics, Pharmacy and Agriculture.

This comes within the activities of the 11th week, in addition to the scientific competitions, which includes 10 scientific competitions, including "the best science fiction story, the best electronic device, an innovative device, in addition to the competition of the mechatronics, and the league of scientific information"

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