USC at a Glance

USC's Council

Chairman of the Council

Prof. Dr . Ahmed Bayomi

USC's President

USC's Council Members

Prof. Dr. Hamdy Abdallah Emara

Vice President of the University for Community Services and Environmental Development Affairs

Prof. Dr. Shaden Muawia

Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs

Prof. Dr. Adel Tawfiq

Dean of the Faculty of Education

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Talaat Abo El-Maaty

Dean of Faculty of Physical Education

Prof. Dr. Omar Ahmed Saad Tamam

Dean of the Institute of Environmental Studies and Research

Prof. Dr. Abd Elhamied Ahmed Shaheen

Dean of the Faculty of Commerce

Prof. Dr. Alaa El-din Husein Mostafa

Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Prof. Dr. Umaima Ahmed Abd El-Megid Khamies

Dean of the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research

Prof. Dr. Khaled Abo Zaid Mohamed Abo Zaid

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Sahar Abd El-Sattar Imam

Acting Dean of Faculty of Law

Dr. Magda Mohamed Refaat Abo El-Safa

Director of Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement Center

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Abd El-Salam Fath Elbab

Dean for Faculty of Education for Early Childhood

Prof. Dr. Nehad Ahmed Kamal

Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels

ASST. Prof. Dr. Rateb Nabil Abbas

Chief Information Officer of the University

Councils' Secretariat and Committees

Dr. Saeed Ibrahim Helal

Director of the Councils Secretariat and Committees

Mrs. Sanaa Abd El-Tawab Mohamed

Secretary of the Council

Mrs. Nagwa Ibrahim Kilany

Secretary of the Council


Mr. Maher Mohamed Shehata

General Manager of USC's President Office

Mrs. Salwa Osman El-Shinwany

Director of the Secretary Management of USC's President Office